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Big Data: Velocity in Plain English

In my previous article I compared the typical trade-off of performance and consistency when using NoSQL and NewSQL databases to support high velocity OLTP and real time analytics. In this article

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Big Database Technology 3 – NewSQL

The World Has ChangedThe world has changed massively in the past 20 years. Back in the year 2000, a few million users connected to the web using a 56k modem attached to a PC, and Amazon only sold

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Big Database Technology 2 – Architecture

In my previous article I gave a short summary of the meaning of Database Scalability.  In this article I’ll describe the most common architectures used to scale to Big Data sizes.Database Hardware

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Big Database Technology 1: Scalability

Despite multiple challenger technologies (eg. Object Oriented databases), the relational databases from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft have prevailed supreme for over 30 years. This dominance has however

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NoSQL – Cassandra in Plain English

Why Use Cassandra?Cassandra is a highly scalable, distributed database originally built at Facebook. It's now a top-level Apache open source project with widespread adoption, and is deployed at scale by

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NoSQL in Plain English

In my previous posting I described how Hadoop compares to a traditional database solution from Oracle. In this article I will describe the so called NoSQL databases, and explain when to deploy this solution.Why

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