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Big Database Technology 2 – Architecture

In my previous article I gave a short summary of the meaning of Database Scalability.  In this article I’ll describe the most common architectures used to scale to Big Data sizes.Database Hardware

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Big Database Technology 1: Scalability

Despite multiple challenger technologies (eg. Object Oriented databases), the relational databases from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft have prevailed supreme for over 30 years. This dominance has however

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Oracle in Memory – Analytics at Extreme Velocity

In this article I’ll give a brief overview of Oracle 12c in Memory – a new feature designed to achieve sub-second response times from analytic queries. Don’t worry if you’re not

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Hadoop Vs. Oracle

Although Hadoop and Big Data (whatever that is) are the new kids on the block, don’t be too quick to write off relational database technology. In this article I’ll explain the differences (and

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